Friday, August 20, 2010

The Map of Danger

Leo The Lion Cartoon. Leo the lion cartoon episode of Danger Map produced in 1977. History shows that this is Kimba the White Lion was so successful that Japan would continue to run with the sequel series Kimba the show as an adult lion. But it has a contract to export shows, so the English version had to wait 18 years. Leo the Lion cartoon (Leo is the Japanese name Kimba) dubbed in English in 1984, by a totally different player with the work in Kimba. Some changes in the script that is added to the distance of Leo the Lion Kimba shows.
In this episode Leo the lion cartoon, Leo KING OF THE JUNGLE set a mission to find all the forest areas. Her friends find some evil lion forest areas which they occupy, and other dangers that threaten during the mission are presented in the "Map of Danger"

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