Saturday, August 7, 2010

Leo the Lion : Blue Lion

Leo The Lion Cartoon. This is an episode of "Jungle Emperor Leo the Lion Cartoon" animated series, which first broadcast on U.S. television in 1966 as "Kimba the White Lion." Both series are produced by Japanese animator Osamu Tezuka pioneered and created his own comic book based on the long term.
Here, Kimba has grown into an adult lion, Leo the lion cartoon, who rules the jungle with kindness, but firmly. This series has strong elements that make a more dramatic and realistic than most cartoons in the 1960s, but also make it unacceptable for American television, at least in the eyes of NBC executives at the time. Nearly two decades later, he played in the Christian Broadcasting Network violence, ironically, more or less intact.

"Blue Lion" tells of Zamba, blue-skinned lion attacking Leo forest with his own proud supporter of Leo the lion and trying to overthrow his throne. This is a particularly violent episode, with lots of brutal combat as Leo the lion cartoon and Zamba and biting, scratching and face up close. Zamba also saw lions attacking, killing and eating of some animals by Leo, especially the giraffes and zebras. When the uncle of Leo Zamba aging treatments and told him about how he was persecuted Zamba like a puppy because he was different, Leo did not decide to fight him again. Leo recalled how he was treated like a dog: "My name is a little coward or, in the language of animals, Kimba." After the final confrontation with Leo, the closing line Zamba truly heartbreaking.

This is a strong story, beautifully told with pictures of raw, dramatic, supported by orchestral score by Isao Tomita moving. English dub is horrible in almost all the tapes, but a bit more tolerable here. The only thing Leo the lion cartoon would take issue with is the memory called a coward and a statement about the meaning of Kimba, the only direct reference to the original Kimba series I have ever heard on a few tapes of Leo, the lion. As I recall, Kimba was never a coward, but he was always a fighter, brave, quick to fight a lion. There may be times when they refused to fight the opponent and accused of cowardice, but that's not the same as so-called "Little Coward" throughout childhood as the English dubbing in this movie means.

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