Sunday, August 8, 2010

Leo the Lion : Leo Becomes a Father

Leo The Lion Cartoon. This is one of the first episode of "Jungle Emperor Leo the Lion Cartoon" animated series, which first aired on American television as "Kimba the White Lion." Both series are produced by Japanese animator Osamu Tezuka pioneered and created his own comic book based on the long term. Since the original Kimba series targets small modifications by NBC, the film is a rare opportunity to see an example of Tezuka's animation in more or less the way originally intended.
This Leo the lion cartoon story is a hard element that makes it more dramatic and more realistic than most cartoons in the 1960s, but also make it unacceptable for American television, at least in the eyes of executives at NBC. So the series is not broadcast in the United States for the Christian Broadcasting Network took a few episodes and is known in English in 1984.

This particular episode focuses on Leo the lion cartoon (Kimba), grow-and-white lion king of the jungle - when he became a father and newborn child placed through the system hard to send natural love for learning self-defense. animation is quite original, although a few minutes have been reduced. Original music intact. However, the English voice-acts are not done well (for a completely different team that made the original series of Kimba). However, because relatively little dialogue there is no much harm here.

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