Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Story of the Movie Jungle Emperor Leo

Leo the Lion Cartoon. This film is one of a leo the lion cartoon the most famous and set somewhere in East Africa, where there lived a white lion named Leo (Kimba adults), king of the jungle. Jungle that Leo lived happily with his wife Riya (adult Kitty), and their two children, namely Rukia and Rune. Rune is obsessed with everything related to flying, and when he found an airplane that crashed in the woods, he said that it was the machine that could fly and he's happy to spend time in place.
One day, a ruthless mercenary named Hamegg and his group were in the woods to search for "moonlight stone". They tried to control the forest just to earn money, Hamegg never thought about the interests of animals and forest. In the midst of flaming fire was saved by Dr. Rune. Moustache, a person who greatly admired by Rune.
At the same time, a highly contagious disease that infects animals jungle and large storm waves in the forest. Rune on board the ship to sea, where he was taken by a fisherman who will sell it to the circus. Write the following fall films poor stereotypes or centuries ago, because the circus is described as a historic town dominated by a brutal all the animals.
A young circus performer named Mary and took care to stay his trains. Rune finally able to fly. When the circus fire, Rune soul naturally showed his leadership and always being in front, and an astounding mary help the Rune to return homes.
Rune missing at the time, fever, flu attacked all the animals in the forest. In this part of the history of the film deny the roots, because Leo did nothing to lead the people from the forest, or to help cure disease themselves - at least not make me Rukia. One of the key elements of the original manga and former Jungle Emperor / Leo the Lion Cartoon TV series, Leo / Kimba the ability to speak, why not become part of the story here is a mystery.
Dr. Moustache has a cure for this disease, and thanks Leo took on himself to lead an expedition to Mt. Mon find Moonlight Stones. Leo was finally sacrificed himself to save Dr. Moustache. This left a young Rune to go to the place of his father.

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