Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Movie of "Jungle Emperor Leo"

Leo The Lion Cartoon. In 1997, with huge costs, made a film of  leo the lion cartoon entitled Jungle Emperor Leo, was released in Japan. This goes back to the original film, Dr. Ozamu Tezuka's manga and extremely loyal. This film begins with the birth of a child from Leo (Kimba) and continues until the end of the original story was published.
The story of this film starts from somewhere in East Africa, about the life of a white lion named Leo (Kimba has grown), king of the jungle. Leo lived happily with his wife Riya (Kitty grows), and their two children, and Rukia and Rune.
All things quiet and safe until one day when a very ruthless mercenaries and their team arrived in the forest to search for Moonlight stone. They only care how to make money, regardless of the animal to be faced later.

Jungle animals are naturally trying to fight the intruders who intend to attack the bad forest where they live. At the same time came the outbreak of infectious diseases that attack the inhabitants of the forest.

Before this, the first episode has been adapted into television series in 1965 to leo the lion cartoon with the title Jungle Emperor TV series. Jungle Emperor Leo is based on the second part of Dr. Ozuma Tezuka's original manga stories. This is an original cderita manga, though Tezuka himself had changed the result of stories in 1966 for TV series Leo the lion cartoon. I thought it was just a creative decision to return to the old story of the manga, but many people have been traumatized by a movie. When they revise the story of Dr.Tezuka saw the last episode of series two of Leo the lion cartoon.

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